Climate Chat is a guide to the science of climate change communication. Drawing on the latest peer-reviewed research, Climate Chat offers lessons on how to speak more clearly and persuasively about all matters climate, whether you are a scientist, journalist, advocate, or just a concerned citizen.

By and large, Americans think climate change will hurt distant people and places sometime in the future. In actuality, climate change is harming Americans right now. Why the disconnect? Humans have not evolved to grapple with seemingly distant, impersonal threats like climate change. For some Americans, namely conservatives, the solutions to climate change threaten core values. Making matters worse, news coverage of climate change has largely failed to convey the scientific consensus, an important prerequisite to
accepting the reality of the problem.

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Communicators should aim to overcome the sense that climate change is a distant threat and that there is nothing to be done about it. Explain the science in plain English. Show how climate change is hurting Americans now. Point the way to the solution. And, most importantly, show how dealing with climate change will satisfy our most deeply held values and beliefs.

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