Research Roundup for June, 2016

Highlights from recent research on the science of climate change communication:

  • In the past year, the proportion of Americans who think the climate is changing has increased seven percentage points to 70 percent, the highest level since November 2008. A majority of Americans (58 percent) say they are "somewhat" or "very" worried about the issue. Three in four Americans support teaching climate change in schools (Leiserowitz, Maibach, Roser-Renouf, Feinberg, & Rosenthal, 2016).
  • Teachers should instruct kids to think critically about climate change and to consider the plausibility of non-scientific explanations (Lombardi, Brandt, Bickel & Burg, 2016).
  • Climate advocates and social scientists should think in terms two-way interactions rather than the one-way transmission of communication about climate change (Ballantyne, 2016).


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