15 Steps to Effective Communication

A new guide from EcoAmerica highlights 15 steps for effective climate change communication. Read the entire report here. Below are the 15 steps.

  1. Start with people, stay with people. Acknowledge the concerns of your audience.
  2. Connect on common values. Show your audience that you speak the same language.
  3. Acknowledge ambivalence. Not everyone has the same level of concern.
  4. Make it real. Show the local impact of climate change.
  5. Emphasize solutions. Explain that powerful solutions already exist.
  6. Inspire and empower. Everyone has the ability to make a difference.
  7. Focus on personal benefit. Everyone wants clean air and cheap energy.
  8. End with your "ask." Implore your audience to take action.
  9. Sequence matters. Follow these steps in order.
  10. Describe. Don't label. Avoid jargon.
  11. Offer a powerful fact from a trusted source. A quote from the pope or a business leader.
  12. Ditch doom and gloom. People disengage when they hear bad news.
  13. Use stories. Tell your personal story climate story.
  14. Stay above the fray. Avoid demonizing opponents.
  15. Message discipline is critical. Repeat key points.