Research Roundup for August, 2018

Highlights from recent research on the science of climate change communication:

  • Some 73 percent of Americans believe there is "solid evidence" for climate change, while 60 percent believe that human activity is contributing to the warming trend. Both figures represent an all-time high (University of Michigan, 2018).

  • A majority of Americans oppose weakening federal fuel standards. Only around a third of support weakening fuel standards (University of Michigan, 2018).

  • More than eight in 10 Americans believe automakers should make vehicles more fuel efficient. Only four in 10 believe that automakers are doing a good job of producing more fuel-efficient vehicles. Americans have shown a growing interest in large cars, trucks and SUVs, which tend to use more fuel (Consumer Reports, 2018).

  • Six in 10 Americans would consider installing solar panels on their homes. The same proportion would support a mandate that solar panels be installed on the roofs of all new homes in their state. This includes a majority of Republicans (Morning Consult, 2018).

  • Democrats are more likely to support climate policies proposed by Democrats, and Republicans are more likely to support climate policies proposed by Republicans. However, people tend to overestimate the extent to which Americans are swayed by partisan appeals. (Van Boven, Ehret, & Sherman, 2018).



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